We take the work out of your pool so all you have to do is enjoy your backyard paradise.   Maintaining proper pool chemistry can help you save time and money while accurate pool maintenance can do more than just prolong your fun in the sun. It also can extend the life of your pool’s external parts and interior pool finish.

All standard chemicals included.

-Check and adjust water chemistry.
Clean pool of any debris.
-Brush all steps and raised flat surfaces.
-Empty skimmer baskets, pump baskets and cleaner bag.
-Backwash filter, vacuum and brush sides as needed.
-Check pool equipment and verify that everything is working properly.
-Email you a detailed report of our visit.


Calcium deposits/hard water stains can make your pool tile and/or rock look old, dull or dingy. Removing them yourself can be very difficult and very time consuming to accomplish.

Prestigious Pools can save you time and hours of labor restoring your pool, spa or fountain tile back to life. Let us do the hard labor so you can get back to enjoying your backyard oasis.

ECO Friendly. No harsh chemicals.
-As professionals we will make your pools like new!
-Removes calcium buildup (also called calcification).
-Swim immediately after service.
-Safe on pool tile, Pebble Tec, stone, glass and natural surfaces.
-No need to drain your pool.

POOL OPENING & closing

-Remove cover and prepare for storage (includes cleaning the cover).
-Remove plugs and prep pool lines.
-Blow off pool deck area and equipment pad.
-Brush and clean waterline tile.
-Remove all leaves and debris from the pool.
-Start and prime the pool pump.
-Inspect the filtration system.
-Vacuum the swimming pool.
-Fill pool water to the appropriate level.
-Balance pool water chemistry.


When something goes wrong with your pool equipment, you certainly don’t want to wait around to have it fixed. We know this, which is why we offer prompt and dependable service as well as your guaranteed satisfaction.

Regardless the size and scope of the job, we will give you our complete attention and dedication to quality workmanship. Our technicians are fully trained and have experience working with all brands and models of swimming pool equipment. We diagnose, provide the necessary parts for, and perform these common types of pool repair, as well as many others:

-Pool Pump Repair
-Pool Leaks
-Pool Motor Repair

We feel so thankful to have Prestigious Pools service’s and really appreciate this company’s commitment to doing a good job. They are providing more than a little peace of mind for us. To have an honest, knowledgeable people to email, text and trouble shoot all that mysterious pool equipment for us means more than one can know. You guys are not our first pool service, and we’d had it with sketchy “technicians” who couldn’t care less or companies that go in and out of business every six months. We would like to thank you for your professional approach and sense of reassurance that you gave us that was not present before with any of our previous pool Companies. Your Company have been much appreciated by us and I wish you all well in the future. My special Thanks to Toni and Branden.

Sabiha Ahmed

From the first person that came out to drain and power wash to the maintenance people to fix a few things, to the one that comes to clean it weekly, couldn’t ask for more courteous, friendly, professional, hardworking guys. Thank you prestigious pools!!!

Angela Abernethy Bebe

Prestigious Pools did an outstanding job for me. They treated me like I was #1. I would recommend them to my friends, family and work associates.

Heather Kirk

We loved our experience with prestigious pools. We love our pool even more! They are amazing craftsman and treat your home and yard as if it were their own. I highly recommend you use them for your own backyard pool adventure.

Brian Mullins

They are the best! Awesome customer service. Thank you Colton.

Joe Rivas