As the winter months come to a close and the weather begins to warm, the season for swimming is right around the corner. Reopening a pool for the spring is an exciting sign of the coming sunshine and days by the poolside, but there are some best pool-opening practices that should be implemented to ensure a clean and functioning pool. Here are 10 easy tips to follow to make sure your pool is properly prepared for spring opening.

Tip 1: Gather the necessary supplies

Before starting the process of opening a pool, make sure you have the proper materials. To open your pool, you will need a pool skimmer, a start-up chemical kit, pool shock, and test strips for pH, total alkalinity, and calcium.

Tip 2: Clean and remove the pool cover

Now that you have the necessary supplies, you’re ready to remove the winter pool cover. Drain as much water from the cover as possible and remove any leaves or debris. After cleaning the cover, remove it from the pool and lay it out to dry. Once dry, the pool cover is ready to be stored away in a cool, dry place for next winter.

Tip 3: Clean the Pool

The pool itself has probably also collected leaves and debris over the course of the winter. Using a skimmer, remove any noticeable debris from the surface of the water. We’ll be doing more cleaning later, but skimming the pool at this step helps prevent filters from getting clogged when the system is turned back on.

Tip 4: Remove winter plugs

If you used winterizing plugs to prevent water from getting inside equipment and freezing, now is the time to remove those plugs. Reinstall the regular drain plugs in these places.

Tip 5: Reinstall Equipment 

Reconnect all pool equipment, such as the filter and pump. Any accessories removed for winter like ladders, slides, or diving boards can be reinstalled at this time, too.

Tip 6: Replenish the water level 

Chances are, the pool has lost some water over the past few months, so use a hose to refill the water to its normal level.

Tip 7: Turn the system on

It’s finally time to have all systems running again! Take a look at the filter and rinse or replace it if needed. Turn your pool equipment back on by priming the pump and turning on the filtration system.

Tip 8: Balance the pool’s chemistry

Throughout the winter months, metals such as copper and iron may have increased in your pool. Metal sequestrants should be added to counteract this buildup and prevent staining. Once the pool’s system has run for a few hours, the water can be tested and balanced for total alkalinity, pH, and calcium levels.

Tip 9: Shock the pool

To eliminate any remaining contaminants like algae and bacteria, a chlorine shock should be added to the water.

Tip 10: Run filtration and enjoy!

Allow the filtration system to run for at least 24 hours to process the shock and filter any remnant debris. After about a day, your pool should be crystal clear and ready for swim season!


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